Warehouse in Hamburg

Specificity of our clients’ production activities and the variety of transported goods forced us to change from pure road transport to creation of a combined system of goods transportation. To organize such a work we enlisted our major partner in Europe – forwarding company “JSL Spedition GmbH”, which has a warehouse in the seaport customs area of Hamburg.

The Hamburg seaport is one of the major transport nodal points in Europe and is a very convenient centre from the geographic point of view. “JSL Spedition GmbH” carries out a great range of work connected with acceptance, processing and dispatching of the part of the goods, which go by sea from South-East Asian countries, India and the USA through Hamburg with further transhipment by road transport to Russia.

This gave us an opportunity to organise for our clients a line of regular transportation of combined goods between Western Europe and Russia, which includes:

  • picking up the goods from the customers on the territory of Western Europe, consolidation of these in Hamburg and further delivery to recipients in Russia;
  • transport and customs paper work;
  • insurance of goods according to the clients’ orders;
  • realization of different goods’ processing operations in the warehouse according to the clients instructions;
  • financial settlements for transport and forwarding services.

The personnel of “JSL Spedition GmbH” were selected from the employees that have the considerable experience in the leading German forwarding companies.

“JSL Spedition GmbH” warehouse storage rooms are equipped with temperature control chambers (from +1°C to +14°C), this provides the storage and processing of particular goods, which require special storing conditions. The warehouse is also equipped with the security facilities.

Excellent information basis of the Hamburg seaport provides the exact time of ship’s arrival. This allows us to guarantee the timely vehicle’s arrival.

The travel time of the truck from Hamburg to Moscow totals 4-5 days. “JSL Spedition GmbH” has the corresponding insurance policy for storage facilities.

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